The 4 Returns Framework for landscape restoration described in this report is a practical tested system- change framework that can be used by stakeholders to undertake a landscape approach. The framework seeks to balance competing stakeholder demands in a mosaic of different management approaches and business cases, to supply a full range of inspirational, natural, social and economic returns. It is a valuable tool to achieve the goals of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration to restore the ecosystems of our planet, and heal our relationship with nature.

In the publication, cases are described from India, Fiji and Spain to demonstrate these principles in practice. ‘Use cases’ explain what this means for governments, communities, and the business and finance sectors.

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  • Find a clear explanation of the 4 Returns Framework by Commonland CEO Willem Ferwerda here.

This publication was funded by Commonland through support of the COmON Foundation.
Dudley, N., Baker, C., Chatterton, P., Ferwerda, W.H., Gutierrez, V., Madgwick, J., 2021, The 4 Returns Framework for Landscape Restoration.

Restoring ecosystems is one of the great works of our time and a rewarding vocation for our youth. Restoring and protecting the ecological foundation of our planet is not only the best thing we can do from a scientific and economic viewpoint, it becomes increasingly its own reward as we recognise that healing the planet is also about healing ourselves.Tim Christophersen: Coordinator for the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, United Nations