Building bridges for inspired action: On landscape restoration and social alliances.

Participatory approaches are linked to landscape restoration (LR) success, but not all participatory approaches are created equal. Engagement approaches that invest in transformative stakeholder and governance processes can create the right conditions for long-term LR commitment. A large-scale LR initiative in Spain, namely AlVelAl, illustrates how collective action can be activated through inspiration, trust and hope, which, in turn, can be cultivated through the application of social schemes designed to support inclusive stakeholder engagement processes and programmes. Collective agency and inspiration matter for activating and sustaining LR actions and outcomes. Multi-stakeholder partnerships that speak to human agency, inclusivity and trust between actors can help create a deeper shared meaning, a place-based sense of belonging that encourages cohesive landscape stewardship.

Towards financing large-scale holistic landscape restoration in Europe. Recommendations for EU policy actors to attain inspirational, social, natural and financial returns.

This new report details how EU financing of developmental projects should redirect funds to projects that focus on the inherent connection between people and nature in order to achieve necessary climate targets such as those laid out in the EU restoration law. The report, co-authored by a coalition of 19 environmental organizations including the World Resource Institute, Gold Standard, The Nature Conservancy, EIT Climate KIC, Rainforest Alliance, and Commonland, focuses on the application of an investment concept called “Landscape Finance” as a financing approach for supporting holistic landscape restoration to aid the implementation of initiatives such as the European Green Deal.

Recommendations on delivering the European Green Deal through landscape restoration: inspirational, social, natural and financial returns.

Commonland has come together with Landscape Finance Lab, as well as 19 other contributors, to issue a policy briefing offering guidance to EU institutions and Member States on why and how to leverage holistic landscape restoration to substantially, effectively, and efficiently deliver the European Green Deal (EGD).

The EGD represents a unique opportunity for Europe to become the first climate-neutral continent and put nature on track to recovery. Launched in December 2019, the EGD focuses on transitioning Europe from a linear to a circular economic model within a restored and climate-resilient environment.

The 4 Returns framework for Landscape Restoration. UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration Report

The 4 Returns Framework for landscape restoration described in this report is a practical tested system-change framework that can be used by stakeholders to undertake a landscape approach. The “landscape approach” seeks to balance competing stakeholder demands in a mosaic of different management approaches, to supply a full range of natural, social and economic returns.