Are you ready to make a difference?

Our philanthropic partners make landscape restoration possible – we are grateful to them for their trust and contributions. We invite foundations, individuals and public funding bodies to join those who are already enabling our local landscape partners to help us restore the Earth.

Restoring natural processes, as well as changing human systems, takes time. Implementing the 4 Returns framework at a landscape scale of 100,000 hectares can best be compared with large green infrastructural projects. The pace and scale at which we work are led by nature because ecosystems are large and don’t abide by human borders. 

Our approach to funding large-scale landscape restoration, distinguishes between project funding and process funding. Process funding defines the long-term, unrestricted support needed to sustain a locally embedded team for decades. The local landscape teams form the reliable engine that builds trust among stakeholders, providing guidance and education, and fuels the continuity of landscape restoration programmes. Our experience is that you need roughly 10 million euros for 20 years to transform a large landscape.   

When the foundation of a programme stable change management and processes is in place, it is easier to identify and support the right projects within each landscape zone. Projects are short-term and place based. They include activities such as planting trees, removing invasive species, restoring water catchments, creating ecological corridors, and building up regenerative businesses. Process funding reduces the risks associated with project funding.  

The different ways you can support us

Donor-advised funds

Flexible and tax-efficient, donor-advised funds offer an easy alternative to setting up your own foundation. This private fund in our foundation can have your personally chosen name and support your preferred causes within the Commonland mission. 

How does it work?  

A donor-advised fund can be set up during your lifetime or integrated into your will. Together, we establish a purpose for your donation, running time and a way of working. You can be closely involved or leave the dedication of your funds to us. All administrative costs and effort will be with Commonland, so you can simply watch your fund making an impact.

Important to know 

  • You can choose a name for the fund, perhaps to honour a loved one or special location. 
  • You can start a fund alone, or with a group of friends, family members, or even a business. 
  • You can support anonymously if you wish. 
  • Commonland has ANBI charitable status, so the donation can be treated as a tax-efficient periodic gift or as a single donation. 
  • We can decide how to spend your donation in advance, but we can also dedicate urgent needs per calendar year within the scope of our work.
  • Donor-advised funds are usually dedicated to project funding. 

Long-term funding via periodic gifts

Our ambition is to establish long-term partnerships with individuals, foundations, or public funds to walk the talk together and finance landscape teams in a sustainable way. We encourage our supporters to partner with us for the term of a five-year periodic gift at least, so they can enjoy seeing the impact a gift makes.  

How does it work?  

Commonland has ANBI status, which means that Dutch taxpayers enjoy optimal tax relief on a charitable gift with a periodic donation. This is a structural gift of at least five years. A periodic gift is drawn up in an agreement supplied by a notary or by a standard form from the Dutch Tax Administration. They can be deducted fully from your income tax return up to €250.000, which means that the ‘net cost’ of your gift is lower. 

Legacy giving

Including Commonland in your will means that you contribute to a thriving planet for future generations.  

You could support us with assets that may not be accessible during your lifetime if you choose to leave part of your estate to Commonland. Or, you could include a legacy that is an indicated sum or asset you wish to donate to Commonland.  

Please let us know if Commonland is included in your will because this can be helpful to us and comforting to you. We will engage you with our work during your lifetime. 

One-time donation

Donating to our programmes means you are contributing to bringing back biodiversity, inspiration, a sense of belonging, jobs, and sustainable incomes.  

Commonland is a not-for-profit organisation with ANBI charitable status. Whether your donation is large or small, every amount makes a difference. Thanks to your contribution, we can support farmers and landscape partners in doing transformational work. Your donation will go to on-the-ground activities in our 4 Returns landscapes 

Learn more about working with us.

The 4 Returns is a framework that facilitates landscape restoration over a minimum 20-year period: it takes a generation to make an impact. Long-term restoration requires different types of financing and funding as initiatives progress – from laying a strong foundation through people processes, to supporting regenerative businesses with loans. Read our funding brochure to learn more about how we work, what the funding needs are and how you can make an impact together with Commonland.

Tax-efficient giving 

Commonland has ANBI charitable status, so if you are a Dutch taxpayer, a single donation is partly deductible as a personal allowance for income tax. The total donation must be between 1% and 10% of your (shared) income before application of the personal allowance threshold. For a more tax-efficient way to donate, please consider a periodic gift.  

Want to know more?

Contact our Relationship Manager Tessa Snaterse to find out more about philanthropic funding opportunities.