“After years of testing the 4 Returns framework for restoring landscapes is building a sound concept that can go to scale. It will be a valuable tool to achieve the goals of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.”

– Tim Christopherson, Chair of the Global Partnership on Forest and Landscape Restoration.

Led by El Salvador and joined by over 70 countries from all latitudes, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 2021–2030 as the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. This action positions the restoration of ecosystems as a major nature-based solution towards meeting a wide range of national priorities.

The UN Decade calls for strong commitments and efforts by countries, the international community, civil society, businesses and others to achieve transformational ecosystem restoration. All ecosystems are involved, including forests, grasslands, croplands, wetlands, savannahs and other terrestrial and inland water ecosystems, marine and coastal ecosystems and, as appropriate, urban environments. This involves the restoration of at least 350 million hectares of degraded landscapes by 2030, realizing up to US$9 trillion in net benefits and alleviating poverty in many rural communities.



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