Landscapes are mosaics of natural and human-modified ecosystems. They provide multiple benefits, such as food, rural livelihoods and wellbeing, energy, fibers and building materials, medicines, ecosystem services and biodiversity.

As a form of integrated landscape management, ecoagriculture affirms the value of supporting these benefits in a way that reinforces synergies. In the past, the goals of ecoagriculture were often perceived to be in conflict. But many integrated landscape initiatives practicing ecoagriculture have shown how conservation, agriculture and development can co-exist or even positively affect each other.

This process requires collaboration or coordination between diverse stakeholders who are collectively responsible for managing key components of a landscape. EcoAgriculture Partners uses an integrated approach to enhance rural livelihoods, conserve biodiversity and improve agricultural productivity.

EcoAgriculture Partners is supporting the mission of Commonland. Commonland is a strategic partner of EcoAgriculture Partners and also participates in the Landscapes for People, Food and Nature Initiative.