“Wouldn’t we all want to live in a Blue Line SocietyTM?”
– John Loudon, CEO COmON Foundation

The COmON Foundation is a private, charitable fund, dedicated to the regeneration and re-greening of degraded areas worldwide, empowering communities, optimising land use and nurturing nature, based on innovative approaches. The COmON Foundation is Commonland’s cornerstone funder and has supported Commonland from the very start. They look forward to achieving more impact in the future!

The COmON Foundation believes that the only sustainable way forward is to strive for a Blue Line Society™. This society offers a better, less destructive balance; it means taking less from the Earth than the planet can give back. As a consequence, the greater the extent to which we achieve a Blue Line Society™, the healthier our planet becomes. Blue Line is a philosophy based on the principles of nature that create healthy income flows in the form of sustainable business for profit. In a Blue Line Society™, we will focus on locally available resources to fulfil the basic needs of both people and planet. We will restore and conserve nature, while at the same time creating economic and inspirational values.