Our board member Louise Vet was proclaimed as number one in the ‘Sustainable 100’ list. This list, published yearly by the Dutch newspaper Trouw, includes the most influential and inspiring doers and thinkers in the field of sustainability.

Photo: Maartje Geels for Trouw.

Louise’s mission is to save the biodiversity of the Netherlands. For this purpose, she developed the Master Plan for Recovering Biodiversity (Deltaplan Biodiversiteit). According to the jury, Vet is both a scientific thinker about the decline of biodiversity, but also someone who takes action in the form of the ambitious Master Plan for Recovering Biodiversity.

Read an article in Dutch as published by Trouw here, and an article by The Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) in English here.

In the honour of this award she gave the Royal Address of Sustainability on ‘Sustainable Tuesday’ in The Hague. Find it here (in Dutch).