Testimonial Red Cross

“Commonland combines holistic, systemic thinking with a pragmatic attitude and knows how to apply the necessary flexibility in the 4 Returns model so that it remains relevant in the Red Cross network.

For example, the combination of more than 100 years of knowledge and experience in humanitarian interventions with knowledge and experience in large-scale landscape restoration has led to the “4Returns4Resilience” model. This “4R4R” model combines the best of both worlds to strengthen the resilience of nature and communities.

Commonland brings a network of knowledge in different areas that adds a lot of value to the Dutch Red Cross Princess Margriet Fund programs.

With a “hands-on” attitude, that knowledge is applied, and with this partnership we gain an extra depth in themes such as landscape restoration and how companies (should) restore and strengthen the ecological functions of the landscape. With this partnership we hope   to contribute to the knowledge of the Red Cross network with regard to landscape restoration and to inspire other Red Cross associations.”

– Wendeline van der Feltz, Red Cross The Netherlands