Word of Chairman

The foreword I write today is starkly different to the one I would have written three months ago. What makes the Russian invasion of Ukraine different from other regional conflicts is the way that, in addition to human tragedy and devastation, the global economic, energy and food systems were reshaped in a few short weeks.

In 2021, wheat exports by Russia and Ukraine accounted for about 30% of the global market, while combined, sunflower oil exports from both countries represented 55% of global supply. This will have particular impact on North Africa who subsidise bread prices, while fertiliser prices are rocketing as Russian and Belarusian fertiliser, phosphate and potash are removed from the global economy.

The resulting crises will divert attention from the ongoing climate and biodiversity crises and disproportionately affect the world’s most vulnerable. Yet, each of these crises shows clearer than ever the importance of Commonland’s work with our partners to prove that a mechanism on regenerative production within a robust landscape system is needed.

The Ukraine conflict demonstrates how polarisation continues to dominate as a destructive force worldwide. Nature, however, is anti-polarisation – everything works together. We see this clearly in our landscapes where farmers and experts, community organisers and business people are able to unite across many differences to share the same vision for the land.

As Commonland we are fully committed to enable many stakeholders in this way of working, even more so in this time of crisis. Together, let’s continue to make the right bold choices so more and more communities can receive the benefit of healthy, restored landscapes.

More than ever before we will continue our work to enable many to work in this way.


Béla Jankovich, Chairman of the board

March 2022