People & Culture

As our organisation rapidly grows, we’ve initiated a number of recruitment procedures to build the team further. The following roles started in 2022: Director Development & Communications, Landscape finance specialist, Office manager, Head of Carbon, and Sr. Landscape developer.

As we grow, we keep each other informed about how we’re moving and progressing, learning together and inviting external inspiration. Our inspiration sessions this year included a session on inclusion & diversity with Marcia Goddard from impact company Tony Chocolonely, a field trip to Food Forest Rotterdam and expert sessions with economist Herman Wijffels & Derk Loorbach of the DRIFT research institute. Partners such as the IKEA Foundation and the De Roeper Fonds were also invited – making these a great way to inspire our funding partners and to gain insight into our work.

During January and February, we have introduced Commonland’s new Performance Development approach. The approach focuses on personal growth while having continuous dialogues about our personal goals during the year with the team lead and colleagues. Our digital tooling aligned with the Baarda Model facilitates this process. We selected and implemented Recruitee as an applicant tracking system (ATS) for automating our recruitment process and setting up a new career page.

Drawing of the future emerging during Theory U training with Commonland colleagues. partner. Credits: Commonland.

Theory U

Theory U is a core part of our 4 Returns approach in developing a common vision with stakeholders. Therefore, the team undertook a 3 day Theory U workshop with the Presencing Institute, some of whom we had already worked with closely for many years. We welcomed the opportunity to strengthen our connections and understandings of each other and the organisation as a whole. Given our growing team, it was great that many new colleagues had the opportunity to learn about the multi-stakeholder management and system thinking of Theory U.

Diversity & Inclusion

Commonland is taking a deeper stake in its diversity and inclusivity. As an international team, with colleagues from different nationalities and cultures we want to make sure our culture represents and is a great place to be for everybody. Our Gender, Diversity and Inclusion (GDI) project team is now set up and started with creating awareness and sharing knowledge.


Our values

In 2019, we started to refresh and co-create our organisation values. In 2020, we set up a culture club: organising sessions on implementing and embedding our company values in our work culture. Our core values are:

  • We empower each other: We take care of each other and our partners by enhancing potential, embracing diversity, and valuing performance.
  • We are honest and compassionate: We treat each other and our partners with respect, openness, and curiosity.
  • We put words into action: We achieve our goals together by being a reliable partner.

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