Landschaftspflegeverband Sternberger Endmoränegebiet e.V (LSE)., Koepon, The Organic Jersey Farm


Landkreis Ludwigslust-Parchim, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Germany

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The Lake Sternberger district is a beautiful landscape in the Northeast of Germany, but this lush, undulating landscape faces challenges under the surface. Soil erosion, drought and waterlogging are undermining soil fertility. Young people have moved away and farmers find it difficult to compete on the global commodity market.


With our partners Landschaftspflegeverband Sternberger Endmoränegebiet e.V. (LSE) and Koepon, Commonland’s aim is to use the 4 Returns framework to restore local ecosystems, create a resilient and sustainable agricultural sector and foster the inspiration that this stunning landscape can bring.

What happened in 2021?

The project got underway in May with the hiring of a project manager infor the LSE. The next months were spent on developing a succinct Theory of Change and identifying the first project in our long-term programme. The partnership’s first step will be to connect farmers in the area who are interested to learn more about regenerative agriculture with each other and provide training and support on how to implement regenerative measures on their farm. Further Covid restrictions have delayed implementation from September onwards, however we are excited to get them moving again in 2022.


‘Little Cow & Cookies’ ice cream made an entry into Dutch supermarkets with Jersey cow milk from the Sternberg area. The team behind the product is working hard to get it into German and other Dutch supermarket chains.


In October the German Postcode Lottery granted €20,000 co-funding to the LSE for revitalisation of this landscape.