About Commonland

Commonland Foundation is an Amsterdam-based, internationally operating organization working on large-scale and long-term landscape restoration initiatives. And we’re on a mission: to transform 100 million ha of degraded landscapes before 2040 together with other landscape partners, farmers, policymakers, companies, and investors. To make this happen we have developed the ‘4 Returns Framework. A practical and holistic approach to transform degraded ecosystems into vibrant landscapes and communities by focusing on 4 key returns supported by 3 landscape zones over the course of a single generation, or 20 years.

Commonland was founded in 2013 by ecologist Willem Ferwerda and entrepreneur Wijnand Pon and recognised and supported by a wide range of partners.  Commonland currently comprises an international expert team of scientists, conservationists, farmers, facilitators, ambassadors and thinkers. We work together closely with an ever-growing group of partners in worldwide landscape projects.


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