A message from Commonland Foundation’s Ecosystem Ambassador, John D. Liu

Since it was founded, Commonland Foundation has shown that it is possible to restore ecological function worldwide by creating meaningful, satisfying work that serves the common good. Imagine if all the people on Earth had meaningful work that enhanced the fertility and moisture in the soil, was massively productive and increased rather than decreased biodiversity.

It feels like we are at a turning point in human history. The pandemic, extreme and erratic weather events, political and societal fragility, all contribute to keeping us in a state of heightened anxiety. We all know that something must change. We are being called to save human civilisation and ensure that the Earth returns to the wonderful and beautiful functionality that we all know is possible.

It is an enormous responsibility to ensure that civilisation overcomes the current challenges and survives. Knowledge, courage, collaboration, and determination are needed to succeed. Ecosystem restoration can ensure purposeful work for everyone. By restoring the soil fertility, water cycle, and biodiversity of the Earth’s life support systems we can guarantee food security. Ecosystem Restoration also allows us to address many of the historical tragedies that have caused so much inequality and suffering. At a time when the Earth’s systems are showing us what collapse means and crying out for balance, is there anything more important and more valuable than restoring the Earth?

Over the past three decades it has been my privilege to observe, document, study and communicate about the restoration of ecological function on a planetary scale. Commonland’s support has helped propel this work to reach global audiences. The extraordinary growth of the Ecosystem Restoration Camps movement also shows that ordinary people all over the world are willing to join this effort. Now, with the United Nations Decade of Ecosystem Restoration and new contacts in Hollywood there are emerging opportunities to send this knowledge and the inspiration even further.

We have come a long way but there is still a long way to go. As difficult and as challenging as the world is right now, we can take heart that ecological restoration of the Earth’s life support systems provides us with a new purpose and a regenerative economy model with plenty of room for growth. Ecosystem Restoration has the added potential to transform human civilisation into a peaceful, productive, sustainable and just future.



John D. Liu


Ecosystem Ambassador Commonland Foundation

Founder Ecosystem Restoration Camps Movement