People & Culture

The team kicked off 2020 by opening our new Kraanspoor 26 office by our founding patron Wijnand Pon and our ambassador John D. Liu. Sadly, we could enjoy it only for a few weeks, until the start of the first lockdown in mid-March. Adaptations to COVID-proof the office space included the removing and separating of furniture and walking routes, implementing the Bee-safe app to regulate access and occupancy, and a COVID policy with guidelines on home office set-up and reopening our office.

Our rapidly growing organisation also impacted the way we work together. In a phase that requires us to connect and embed knowledge exchange, we focused on improving internal communication and organised structural (digital) events.

We also introduced the Baarda model, including job descriptions categorised in the salary house and implemented personal development processes, digital contract management, and archiving to ensure that Commonland is ready for 2021 and beyond.


As a result of our 2040 strategy, we agreed to terminate Commonland Ltd (Commonland BV). Earlier, our strategy director and director of Commonland BV, Michiel de Man, decided to take the next step. Michiel has been part of Commonland almost from the start and contributed to many critical achievements, such as building the Spanish landscape partnership Alvelal. We are thankful for his enormous commitment and wish him all the best! Director of Commonland BV Caroline van Tilborg is now continuing her work in the carbon finance world. We thank her for her valuable support as part of our team, and we will continue to be in touch as our pathways will cross.



November 2014: the Theory U process in Spain. Michiel de Man behind Astrid Vargas: 2 driving forces behind Alvelal’s development in the Altiplano, Spain.

Meet the team

At Commonland, we share a common goal: to make long-lasting, systemic change in holistic landscape management and restoration. Our international team consists of scientists, conservationists, farmers, facilitators, ambassadors and thinkers, with experience in a.o., ecology, agriculture, human rights, and business. With this dedicated group of people, we work in partnerships that contribute to landscapes where the economy and ecology can thrive.


Our values


In 2019, we started to refresh and co-create our organisation values. In 2020, we set up a culture club: organising sessions on implementing and embedding our company values in our work culture. Our core values are:

  • We empower each other > We take care of each other and our partners by enhancing potential, embracing diversity, and valuing performance.
  • We are honest and compassionate > We treat each other and our partners with respect, openness, and curiosity.
  • We put words into action > We achieve our goals together by being a reliable partner.