Members of the board

  • Mr B.M.A. Jankovich – Chair
  • Ms L.E.M. Vet – Vice Chair
  • Mr J.H.W. Loudon – Secretary, executive board member
  • Mr G.L.M. Van Hengstum – Treasurer
  • Mr M.J. Heineman – General member
  • Ms Stephanie Lohmann – General member (from 13 December)
  • Ms C. Van Asselt – Advisor to the board


Founding Patron: Mr W. Pon

Ambassador: Mr John D. Liu



Commonland is led by Willem Ferwerda (CEO and founder) and Jeroen Voorhuis (COO), and a management team consisting of Jim Mackintosh, Director Landscapes Development & Support, Simon Moolenaar, Director Knowledge, Education & Innovation and Anne Thidemann, Director Development & Communications.


In 2020, we said goodbye to Caroline van Tilborg (Sept. 2020) and Michiel de Man (April 2020), Directors Commonland BV.


Advisory Council

The international Advisory Council acts as our knowledge centre. Members are asked to join based on their expertise, long standing commitment and personal experience with system change. Members are frequently asked to give their individual advice on technical and political issues. In 2020, we said farewell to Mrs Pauline van der Meer Mohr (former Chair of the Erasmus University). We thank her for her support to Commonland from the start.


Advisory Council members:

  • Mr. Zamba Batjargal
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart
  • Mr. John Burton
  • Mr. Jesus Casas Grande
  • Mr. Luc Gnacadja
  • Mr. Mike Jansen
  • Mr. Nanno Kleiterp
  • Mr. Geoff Lawton
  • Mrs. Jane Madgwick
  • Dr. Mantang Cai
  • Dr. Charles Massy
  • Mr. K.H. Moon
  • Mrs. Meiny Prins
  • Mr. Robert Reibestein
  • Mr. Herman Rosa Chávez
  • Prof. Dr. Rui Li
  •  Dr. Sara Scherr
  • Mr. Wouter-Jan Schouten
  • Mr. Mehmet Serdar Sarýgül
  • Mr. Pavan Sukhdev
  • Dr. Pita Verweij
  • Dr. Daniel Wahl
  • Mr. Jonny Wates
  • Prof. Dr. Herman Wijffels            

“Most nature organisations want to restore and preserve nature exclusively. Commonland restores the economic carrier and quality of life aspect in this way of thinking, which could bring back the balance between humans and nature.”

- Prof. Dr. Herman Wijffels, Professor of Sustainability at Utrecht University; former CEO at Rabobank, former Chair of the Social Economic Council Dutch Government and former Director of the World Bank; member of the Advisory Board of Commonland.