Our CEO Willem Ferwerda was awarded the Groeneveld Award (Groeneveldprijs) in May 2019. In his lecture (in Dutch), he tells his personal story, which starts with a snake, and ends with the 4 Returns framework and a regenerative culture.

The lecture which Willem gave in honor of this price can be found on the website of the Groeneveld Castle (Kasteel Groeneveld).

The Groeneveld Award (Groeneveldprijs) has been awarded by the Groeneveld Foundation since 2000 to a person or organisation that has made a special contribution to the debate on nature and landscapes in the Netherlands. The award consists of a sum of 5000 euros. Willem Ferwerda donated this amount to the Amphibian Survival Alliance to benefit the protection of the habitat of endangered amphibians in Latin America.