To restore and regenerate ecosystems for the sake of future generations, we need to redesign our current economic model. This requires a long-term focus and a new perspective on value, called integrated value, including social and natural value besides financial.

For this purpose, we have co-developed a method capable of calculating the integrated long-term value of large-scale landscape interventions: the 4 Returns landscape valuation method. Read the publication here. We tested the method on the Altiplano Estepario in Southern Spain. The results are included in this report. You can listen to a recent podcast on this method with Koen van Seijen en Commonland’s Jasper Bertels here.

After the launch of the preliminary report developed with KPMG in October of 2020, we have now, together with partners, further matured the 4 Returns landscape valuation methodology. The key change being that the method goes beyond monetizable returns by also assessing the value of social and natural returns which cannot yet be converted into cash flows. Another important change is that the method has now been developed into a standardized valuation method suitable for different landscapes and ecosystems around the world.

This valuation method further builds upon the ‘4 Returns Framework’ on which we launched a report together with Wetlands International and WWF Landscape Finance Lab on June 4th. Or watch the explanatory video on the 4 Returns Framework here.

We invite governments, private investors, NGOs, farmers/landowners and other stakeholders and experts to join the dialogue and collaborate on:

  1. Further developing a common perspective on and language for the long-term integrated value of landscape restoration.
  2. Creating finance mechanisms and funding structures for and steer government policies towards scale up of restoration initiatives worldwide.

Are you interested to contribute to the dialogue and join this coalition? Please contact us:

Jasper Bertels, senior landscape finance specialist
Alejandro Diaz, landscape finance specialist