Ardour Garonne River Basin

Adour Garonne River Basin, France

A river basin, coastline and consists mostly of agricultural farms in France.

Eastern Ghats, Andhra Pradesh, India

Old agricultural lands with an arid climate and a high degree of erosion.

Mahanadi River Delta, India

The delta is distinct for its extensive plains, the coastal parts contain lakes, creeks, swamps, beaches, tidal flats, and mangroves

Rufiji Delta, Tanzania

The Rufiji Delta provides rich natural resources to local communities, hosts valuable biodiversity, and serves as a nursery ground for fish​.

Cantanhez National Park, Guinnea-Bissau

Mangroves, mudflats, seagrass beds, Palm Savanna, and dryland forest host unique biodiversity.

Zambezi, Namibia

The Zambezi region of Namibia is rich in wildlife, riparian forests, woodlands, rivers, and wetlands, and the associated rich biodiversity of these habitats.

Bahariya Oasis, Wahat, Egypt

Bahariya western desert and oasis landscape within the larger El-Bahareyya area.

Flow Country Scotland Wetlands

Flow Country, Scotland

The Flow country consists of peatlands, coastline and lochs.

Åre Valley, Sweden

Monoculture forest, spruce plantations, clear-cutting areas and grassland areas.

Thermenlinie Wiener-Becken, Vienna, Austria

A mosaic landscape of forests, agriculture, meadows, water courses and urban areas around Vienna.

Germany Brandenburg Landscape

Fläming Brandenburg, Germany

Fläming Brandenburg is a mosaic landscape of forests, agriculture and urban areas and cities (around Berlin). Key challenges: climate change, lack of rainfall (ground water),  unsustainable land ...