Boosting social and ecological balance through stakeholder connectivity in the Kafue Landscape  

By Life Connected and TNC aim to co-create a functional management structure and a shared vision for landscape restoration in the Kafue landscape – one that will benefit both the people and the envi ...


Creating an extraordinary landscape with high quality of life   

Improving quality of life by restoring and protecting the rural landscape.

ecological rehabilitation

Boosting biodiversity through ecological rehabilitation

Local communities use business to restore a unique biodiversity hotspot and regenerate a city’s water supply.


Agroforestry for a sustainable future

Tribal communities choose agroforestry to promote community well-being, nature conservation and sustainable economic development.

reversing desertification

Reversing desertification with regenerative practices

A regenerative movement led by a common vision is tackling desertification, halting soil erosion and creating resilient communities.

green deserts

From green deserts to thriving landscapes

Dutch farmers ditch intensive practices to restore ecology and promote sustainable farming through resilient business models.

regenerating biodiversity hotspot

Regenerating a global biodiversity hotspot

An aboriginal-led movement across the Noongar nation in Southwest Australia brings a diverse range of partners together to find a new harmony with the landscape.

restoring wetlands

Restoring wetlands with farmers for greater climate-resilience     

Supporting local farmers to adapt to changing climate conditions, creating a resilient and sustainable agricultural sector.

resilient food systems

Uniting people to build resilient food systems

Bring together local initiatives in a learning network, to build a resilient food system that regenerates and supports the area's ecosystems and communities.

Sierra Gorda biosphere

Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve, Mexico

A decades-long conservation programme aims to go one step further, regenerating local heritage and promoting sustainable development.

restoring land and seascapes

Restoring land and seascapes in a tourist hotspot 

The Aliança Mar i Terra di Mallorca aims to support the regeneration of regional land and sea habitats on the island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea.