Are you ready to dive into a transformative learning experience that will reshape your perspective on systems change and global transformation?

In an era defined by rapid change and unprecedented challenges, the u-lab 1x 2023 learning journey beckons forward-thinkers, change makers, and sustainability advocates to dive into a learning journey that empowers a new generation of leaders to learn about systems change.

Set to kick off on August 31st, this 6-week self-paced programme hosted by the Presencing Institute, promises to immerse you in the foundational principles of Theory U. Developed by Otto Scharmer, Theory U is a transformative framework that guides individuals and organizations through a process of profound change by fostering deep awareness, intuition-driven decision-making, and innovative action. Theory U involves a journey of sensing, presencing, and realising to achieve meaningful and sustainable transformation.

The u-lab 1x 2023 learning journey offers a unique opportunity to learn and train new behaviours while unravelling the intricate layers of enabling large-scale systems change. Join forces with thousands of change-makers from across the globe in this remarkable journey of self-discovery and societal evolution. You can find out more and register here.

As part of the u-lab 1x 2023, Commonland is collaborating with the u-school on a dedicated landscape regeneration learning track. This specialised track invites like-minded change-makers to explore the practical application of Theory U’s methods and tools to the pivotal work of rejuvenating landscapes and agricultural systems. Find out about the learning track here.

According to Otto Scharmer, action researcher and co-creator of the u-school, Theory U is “part of the new global commons that we need to build that help us as a global society to develop these enabling infrastructures for transformation.”

Enrolling in this programme allows you to dive into your own personal learning journey while becoming part of a global network that is dedicated to positive transformation and systems change —in a way that is deeply rooted in Theory U’s principles of awareness, active listening, innovation, and co-creation.

As Otto Scharmer describes, the course will “use personal transformation as a gateway to systems transformation”.