Join us to restore the Earth: our common land

We support landscape restoration from the ground up. From farmers to business owners, policymakers to NGOs, we collaborate with a diverse range of partners to restore landscapes across the world. To make the greatest impact, we are also building a global movement to accelerate holistic landscape restoration via our 4 Returns framework. No matter your role, you can play a part in restoring the Earth's landscapes and creating a brighter future for us all.

How can you get involved?

Donate or invest

Funding Commonland’s work means investing in our common future. We work with philanthropic funders and impact investors to offer our local partners access to funding opportunities. 

Partner with us

Together, we can restore the Earth. We build long-term partnerships with a diverse range of partners from the local to the global level to implement and scale holistic landscape restoration and repair our home planet.

Join our learning network

Join the 4 Returns learning network to connect with others working in landscape restoration all over the world. Access opportunities to learn from your peers, as well as qualified experts.

Explore our policy work

Policymaking underpins our ability to protect and restore the Earth. We collaborate with policymakers to drive forward integrated, multi-level policy frameworks that support holistic landscape restoration.

“‘Our children and grandchildren are far better off inheriting a green and cool planet rather than family wealth. Through funding Commonland’s work, I’m grateful to be able to contribute to a necessary systems change. Together, we can learn to live in harmony with nature again.”

Corien Botman, Commonland funder

Our impact

Our practical approach – the 4 Returns framework – is being used by people all over the world to repair our home planet and keep it healthy for generations to come.


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Latest news

Explore Commonland's latest news, publications and events, and get inspired to restore the Earth.

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