Photo: Roy Beusker Fotografie.

Amsterdam, March 4, 2019

The Postcode Loterij (Dutch Postcode Lottery) has doubled its annual contribution to Commonland – to 900,000 euros a year. The announcement was made during the Goed Geld (‘Charity’) Gala on Monday night.

We are thrilled with this contribution, as it permits us to continue our mission to create a restoration economy by building sustainable landscapes that deliver inspirational, social, natural and financial returns. The money will be used specifically to continue the work in the large landscapes in South Africa, Spain, Australia, and the Netherlands, as well as on policy influence and education. Willem Ferwerda (CEO): “This is very exciting news. Now we can realize more 4 Returns Landscapes and expand the positive impact on nature and people worldwide. In this way, our work can contribute to achieving the targets of the United Nations Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, which was recently adopted by the UN General Assembly”.

We would like to thank the Postcode Lottery and their 3 million participants for this generous contribution. This year, the lottery has raised 370.6 million euros for 117 charities around the world. During the Gala it was announced that this year, they will dedicate an extra 51 million euros to organizations working on the restoration of nature and the fight against climate change.