Up to 40% of the world's land is now degraded. Together, we can reverse this.

We collaborate with public and philanthropic funders, investors, financial institutions, and businesses to support long-term, large-scale landscape restoration programmes. Our funding partners contribute to different areas of our work: operations, activities in our landscapes, and regenerative business models. Our relationships with funders are always long-term and trust-based: in our experience, this is the only way to create meaningful change at scale. Find out more about how you can contribute to restoring the world's landscapes with us below.

Philanthropic funding

Restoring natural processes, as well as changing human systems, takes time. After ten years of working on large-scale landscape restoration, we’ve learned that you need at least 20 years to transform a degraded landscape. That’s why we work with our partners and supporters in long-term, trust-based relationships, guided by an approach that works: the 4 Returns framework. This is the best way to achieve real impact. You can help us to restore landscapes at scale with a donor-advised fund, a recurring or one-time donation, or a legacy gift.


We work with investors looking for long-term investment opportunities in large-scale landscape restoration initiatives worldwide. Thanks to the diversity of our landscape partners, these opportunities include investments in regenerative businesses and carbon and biodiversity projects across different sectors and geographies.

Together with our landscape partners, we also support the development of blended finance structures, often in collaboration with impact investors and donors.

Want to make a difference right now?

Every contribution matters – big or small. We will carefully allocate your donation where it can make the most impact. Thank you for helping us and our partners to restore our home planet.

Contact us about funding and investment opportunities

Contact our fundraising and landscape finance team to find out more about how you could fund or invest in Commonland's activities and those of our landscape partners.

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Philanthropic Funding

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Public Institutions


Are you a public funder or government agency looking to support holistic landscape restoration?

In our landscapes and learning network, we work with (local) governments and public institutions. Increasingly, public partners see the advantage of developing long-term, trust-based relationships to support holistic landscape restoration guided by the 4 Returns framework. That's why we aim to collaborate with national, international and multilateral agencies to facilitate multi-stakeholder cooperation, sustainable development and green infrastructure.