Commonland launches “The 4 Returns Framework: A Guide to Holistic Landscape Restoration” a comprehensive resource to help communities restore ecosystems, combat climate change, and promote socio-economic prosperity. 

After more than a decade of working on holistic landscape restoration with partners all over the world, Commonland proudly announces the release of its new guidebook, “The 4 Returns Framework: A Guide to Holistic Landscape Restoration”, a one-stop-shop for holistic landscape restoration best practices and implementation tips.  

At a time of escalating ecological crises—climate change, biodiversity loss, and socio-economic inequality — this vital resource empowers communities globally to restore and regenerate natural ecosystems at scale, enhancing livelihoods and combating environmental degradation. 

Addressing urgent environmental challenges 

Our current environmental challenges require us to reimagine our relationship with nature. The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration underscores the need for global efforts to revive ecosystems across all continents and oceans. Our guidebook encapsulates over a decade of experience restoring landscapes with partners worldwide using the 4 Returns Framework, offering valuable insights to help practitioners overcome common obstacles and achieve impactful, sustainable results. 

Key insights and chapters 

The guidebook provides a comprehensive understanding of the 4 Returns Framework and its application in various contexts. Key chapters discuss the following topics: 

  • Establishing a Landscape Partnership: This chapter emphasizes the importance of multi-stakeholder partnerships. By balancing strengths and requirements, stakeholders can build a strong coalition committed to holistic landscape restoration. 
  • Developing a Shared Understanding: This chapter highlights the need for a comprehensive, evidence-based understanding of the landscape. Engaging a neutral facilitator helps stakeholders align their thoughts and address the root causes of degradation. 
  • Building a Landscape Vision and Plan: Guiding readers through visioning and planning, this chapter underscores the importance of a collectively agreed-upon landscape plan that steers holistic restoration activities. 
  • Taking Collaborative Action: Focusing on the effective implementation of the landscape plan, this chapter emphasizes mobilizing inspirational, financial, and human capital. Visionary leadership and participatory approaches are key to long-term restoration success. 
  • Carrying Out Monitoring and Learning: This chapter underscores the importance of continual improvement, replication, and upscaling of successful practices. Evaluating impact, reflecting on learnings, and adjusting the landscape plan are vital for adaptive management. 

Launch Event and the 4 Returns Community 

To celebrate the launch, Commonland will host a virtual webinar featuring key speakers and interactive sessions that will bust 3 myths regarding landscape restoration. Attendees can engage with experts, ask questions, and learn more about the practical application of the 4 Returns Framework. This event is open to everyone members of the 4 Returns Community, a global network dedicated to restoring landscapes and fostering sustainable development. 

About Commonland 

Our collective future depends upon our ability to restore the Earth: our common land. Commonland is a not-for-profit organisation that transforms degraded landscapes into thriving ecosystems, communities and local economies by connecting landscape stakeholders and providing a guiding approach to landscape restoration – the 4 Returns Framework. Equipped with the right tools and approach, we can transform a landscape in one generation – 20 years. 


For more information about the guidebook, to register for the launch event, or for press enquiries, please visit or contact us at 

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