Our Annual Report looks back at the impact Commonland and partners made through holistic landscape restoration in 2023.

In a world where one football pitch of soil is degraded every 5 seconds, exacerbating climate change and threatening the food security of at least one-third of the global population, restoring landscapes at scale is urgent.

That’s why we support partners in over 23 countries to spark and scale landscape restoration for the benefit of nature, community, and business alike.

In 2023, we supported our local and regional partners to:

  • Start restoring more than 58,000 hectares.
  • Help more than 690 farmers transition to regenerative agricultural practices.
  • Reduce GHG emissions by sequestering 58,000+ tonnes of CO2 in soil or vegetation.
  • Stimulate regenerative businesses, creating more than 1800 jobs in landscapes.
  • Develop community governance of natural resources to ensure restoration benefits all.
  • Spread the landscape restoration movement – reaching more than 1 million people.
  • Among many other things!

Equipped with our 4 Returns Framework, people all over the world are working to regenerate natural ecosystems, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create sustainable livelihoods for local people, and restore hope to communities that a better future is possible.

Download our report below to find out more about how we supported our partners to make an impact in 2023.

“We are moving towards a
future where holistic landscape
restoration, based on sound
ecosystem science and practical
solutions, becomes an ‘industry’
because it brings back inspiration,
halts polarisation, reduces risks
for people, governments and
businesses and, above all, connects
people with nature and thus with
their inner purpose.”

Willem Ferwerda,
Founder of Commonland

“At the heart of our work lies a
commitment to inspiration –
the belief that by igniting
connection and purpose,
we can catalyse meaningful

Gabrielle Taus,
Managing Director Commonland