For decades, people and organisations have undertaken significant efforts to restore degraded landscapes. However, many of these initiatives have not had the desired outcome. Research shows that we must address the root causes of land degradation for successful landscape restoration to happen.

Commonland and Presencing Institute have joined forces to bring together the many stakeholders and actors involved in landscapes and create an enabling environment for addressing the root causes of land degradation. This unique approach, called 4 Returns Labs, combines the 4 Returns Framework and the Theory U Framework of the Presencing Institute. In our new thought paper, ‘Spaces of Belonging,’ we introduce you to the foundations and vision of the 4 Returns Labs programme.

By reading this paper, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the unique combination of the 4 Returns and Theory U frameworks and how this combined approach addresses the root causes of land degradation;
  • Expand your skillset for managing multi-stakeholder processes that involve farmers, local communities, landscape practitioners, investors, governments, nonprofit organisations and more;
  • Be introduced to the concept of ‘Spaces of Belonging’: labs as tools for large-scale collaboration that help shift to a more inclusive mindset, allowing actors and stakeholders to bridge the ecological, social and spiritual divide both within themselves and across communities and landscapes;
  • Explore how integrating different multi-stakeholder landscape restoration initiatives through an ‘Ecosystem of Labs’ can amplify our collective impact.

Download the thought paper here.

Watch the recording of the launch event here.