Integrated landscape management and restoration is a long-term endeavour that needs the commitment of a wide range of funders and partners to succeed. Dutch philanthropist and impact investor Corien Botman and Commonland have joined forces to launch Fund De Roeper, a long-term grants fund to catalyze regenerative agriculture in Europe and Africa.


‘‘Restoring degraded landscapes at scale includes local actions that support regenerative agriculture, conservation, and entrepreneurship. Together, we lay the pieces of this ‘landscape puzzle’. We are excited to strengthen our relationship with new partners and launch Fund De Roeper.’’

– Willem Ferwerda, CEO Commonland


Over ten years, the fund aims to invest €2.5 million in local actions that increase biodiversity and help local restorative businesses and communities to build a future based on ecosystem and climate resilience. To ensure that its activities are embedded in a broader programme of integrated landscape management and restoration, the fund will focus exclusively on landscapes that already implement the 4 Returns Framework. 


In 2022, Fund De Roeper will kick off supporting regenerative agriculture activities with local partners Grounded (Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa), AlVelAl (Spain) and Ecosystem Restoration Camps Altiplano (Spain). Among these upcoming initiatives is a three-year regenerative agriculture support fund in collaboration with Grounded that supports producers and producer groups in making their farms more regenerative. 


‘‘Our children and grandchildren are far better off inheriting a green and cool planet rather than family wealth. So, I am grateful that with this fund we can contribute to a necessary systems change towards putting our society back in balance with nature. Commonland’s vision, approach and sparkling team are truly inspiring. We look forward to working together!’’ 

– Corien Botman, philanthropist and impact investor


Would you like to join Fund De Roeper or explore other ways to support the mission of Commonland and our partners? Please get in touch with Tessa Snaterse at


Fund De Roeper steering committee: Hanna Sevenster (left), Jan Groot (center) and Corien Botman (right).