On 18th July 2016, Commonland was awarded ANBI status by The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. ANBI stands for Algemeen nut beogende instelling in Dutch, or “Public Benefit Organisation” in English.

What does being designated as an ANBI mean?

An ANBI is a church, religious, charitable, cultural, scientific, or other institution that serves the general interest of society. An ANBI does not have to pay any inheritance or gift tax on the income it receives through gifts or legacies. With ANBI status, gifts from private individuals to Commonland can be deducted against income tax. For further information about ANBI status, you can consult the website of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

Commonland’s annual ANBI documentation

You can find Commonland’s annual ANBI documentation below:

Further information

For further information about Commonland’s ANBI status, please reach out to info@commonland.com.