Alvelal Foods - Spain

Our landscape partner in Spain, AlVelAl, produces a wide selection of regenerative products such as almonds, olive oils, and wine. These products are the fruit of a collective project of more than 300 agricultural and livestock farmers, as well as change makers, working in the Altiplano Estepario, in the south of Spain.

Wilderland Tea - The Netherlands

Wilder Land, a member of our Dutch landscape partnership, makes herbal teas that help to restore biodiversity in The Netherlands. By creating a product that helps to protect the Earth, Wilder Land want to show that making quality products and restoring nature can go hand in hand.

Dirty Clean Food - Australia

From our partners in Australia, Dirty Clean Food is a food brand run by a diverse group of people working to reinvent the way the world grows, thinks about, and buys food to create a better future for people and planet. They’re changing the way we think about food by putting saving the planet on the menu. Dirty Clean Food produce a number of regenerative products – from oat milk to seafood, and beyond.

Moma Liquid Landscape - The Netherlands

From our Dutch partnership, MOMA creates milk products that restore the Dutch peat meadow landscape. MOMA connects farmers, land and city dwellers to work together to create a healthy landscape and sustainable food system. They process and bring local, organic dairy products from the Amsterdam area directly to the city. Together with farmers and consumers, they take care of their landscape.

Little Cow Cookies - Germany

From our partner in North-Eastern Germany, Little Cow & Cookies uses organic milk from Jersey cows to create delicious organic ice cream with cookies at their Organic Jersey Dairy Farm. Through this, they aim to support biodiversity and conserve the natural world. They are committed to regenerative farming according to the 4Returns framework.

The Honeybush Company - South Africa

The Honeybush Company (formerly known as the Langkloof Honeybush Co.) is a social enterprise established by Grounded in 2018. A member of our landscape partnership in South Africa, The Honeybush Company was set up to assist farmers to utilise the wild growing honeybush tea populations on their property, while maintaining the ecological function of the natural vegetation. They harvest the tea, then process and develop it into their signature blends, which are sold both locally and internationally.

Boeren van Amstel - The Netherlands

The Boeren van Amstel dairy, a member of our Dutch landscape partnership, aims to shorten the food supply chain between city and country. They produce their dairy products in the Amstelland, less than 10 km from Dam Square in Amsterdam. With this dairy, the Boeren van Amstel are contributing to the preservation of the last piece of the traditional “polder” landscape below Amsterdam. Their goal is to ensure that people can continue to enjoy nature here in the future.