We support partners in more than 20 landscapes worldwide

Together, we restore their local landscapes using the 4 Returns approach. We offer direct support and expertise, tools, funding, and access to a global network of people and organisations working on holistic landscape restoration. In some landscapes, we co-initiate and co-develop projects with our partners. In others, we connect and enhance the existing work of local landscape-based initiatives and stimulate new partnerships. We work directly with landscape partners, or support landscapes through regional, national and global partnerships.

Landscape partnerships

As part of our mission to make 4 Returns the new norm for landscape restoration, we are continually exploring new opportunities for more landscape partnerships to expand our reach and build up a global portfolio.


We have existing landscape partnerships in Europe and are exploring new collaborations with local initiatives. The long-term landscape partnerships include:

Through Aland, a Spanish 4 Returns foundation, landscape partnerships are now expanding in Spain. In the Netherlands, our partners Wij.Land and Harvest of Tomorrow innovation lab are advancing other Dutch landscape initiatives.

In Europe, we also run a regional partnership called Bioregional Weaving Labs, a collaborative programme co-led with Ashoka Netherlands focused on restoring land and seascapes in Europe through systems change labs. These landscapes are:


We work with long-standing landscape partnerships and are exploring opportunities for new collaborations with local landscape initiatives across Africa.


We have taken the first steps towards developing further collaborative work in the Asia-Pacific region. We support:

The Americas